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Electronic detection of underground utilities is a very safe and accurate method of underground utility location. The diverse environment of the underground utilities sector often means difficulties in consolidating utility asset information. There are many unknowns and risks when planning and undertaking both design and construction work. Data collected from underground locating equipment provides a high level of utility service guidance for construction workers, utility operators, professionals and home owners planning to excavate.

Pathfinder uses several techniques to minimise your risk of striking underground utilities.

Ground Penetrating Radar: Our IDS Opera Duo Ground Penetrating Radar with a 250MHz and a 700MHz central frequency antenna combined offers clear sub surface radargrams over a large depth range. Assuring high accuracy in difficult and congested sub surface environments.

RadioDetection: Our Radiodetection units range from the Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT4) upto the high end Cable & Pipe locator with GPS and Omni Ball locator built in. This technique of locating underground utilities can allow tracing of an indivdual cable across vast networks of underground utilities.

Duct/Pipe Probe: We have a range of probes that can be inserted into ducts & pipes then traced. Our larger duct probe also has a camera mounted in the head for recording video.

Metal Detector: This tool is very effective at finding buried access lids or chambers. It has the ability to operate submerged in water. Configurable to detect or dismiss various ferrous elements.

Microphone Technology: The Sewerin Aquatest T10 offers a high-quality sensitive listening probe. The probe can be used to detect running water. If a pipe is set into vibration it can be detected systematically testing the surface in short steps.

Pathfinder operates primarily as a locate and markout service only.