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How To Optimise Your Onsite Locator

To optimise the skills and experience of an underground utility locator there are a few basic steps that should be taken.

  • Provide the locator with site plans where possible. Even hand drawn sketchs of known utilities are better than nothing.
  • Consider other onsite contractors and ensure everyone onsite is aware of when and where the locator will be working.
  • Consider site deliveries, carriageway vehicle traffic, stockpiles or excavations that may impede the scan area.
  • Ensure the area to scan is clear and accessible for Ground Penetrating Radar. A simple rule to remember is if you cannot push a hand lawn mower over the area then it's not satisfactory for a Ground Penetrating Radar.
  • Often sources of utilities may start beyond the area to be scanned. Ensure access can be obtained to potential nearby sources of power, comms, water, etc. This could be buildings or locked yards.
  • Clearly define the area to be scanned with visual representation not verbal. Provide a marked up site plan or onsite pegs either way this is a crucial step for both parties.

  • Most importantly plan to have the locator onsite prior to when you plan to excavate, drill, fence or demolish. The locator requires time and space to do their work effectively. Often they will back track over an area to confirm or trace another lead.